Swiss Physical Society

The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) understands itself as an open forum of physicists and does not follow any economic interests.

The SPS does not do any physical research itself, but supports the exchange of ideas within the research community by offering workshops.

A central concern is the promotion of the youth: On the occasion of the annual meeting, the SPS awards every year outstanding achievements of young scientists with the much sought-after SPS-prizes. Also, students have the possibility of coming into conversation with young colleagues from home and abroad, as well as with well-known scientists.

Likewise, the SPS cultivates the contact with the industry and, with it, offers a forum at the interface of basic research and applied physics. The SPS also gets involved with questions on physical education on every level and builds bridges between schools and the public.

The SPS works closely together with the „Swiss Academy of Technical Science“, „Academy of Natural Sciences Switzerland“ and „Swiss Youth researches“. Many of their initiatives are supported and sponsored by the government or public utility institution.

Furthermore, the SPS gets involved with the discussion between research and public by offering popular scientific booklets and public events. At the same time, it also speaks about educational and research topics, as well as about questions on the popularization of science.