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Gemeinsame Jahrestagung 2017

Die nächste Jahrestagung findet vom 21. - 25. August 2017 in Genf statt. Wie alle zwei Jahre wird sie gemeinsam mit unseren Kollegen von der Österreichischen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (ÖPG) organisiert.

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March for Science

A statement of the SPS President and Vice President

Dear colleagues,

In Switzerland, we, physicists, and specially those of us engaged in research, enjoy comfortable conditions. The political level, be it at the governmental or at the parliamentary one, is fully convinced about the necessity to support both fundamental and applied research and has a full trust in the way we conduct our research. We perform our work, following fundamental ethical rules: scientific facts and theories are the only driving forces. We also enjoy complete political freedom within our institution and no one is trying to impose on us any view on this or that issue, especially on scientific ones. Our colleagues are women and men from all countries in the world, encompassing their diversity, religion or ethnicity: we consider this as an enrichment both for science and for our own life.

The freedom we enjoy here in Switzerland, however, is not granted everywhere on our planet. Scientific core values of basic research, of decision taking based on all facts and knowledge available, of open discussion and exchange of ideas, are jeopardised even in modern societies. A threat so strong that scientific ethical rules that all stringently impact on the social life, not only of scientists, but of society as a whole are endangered and pose not only perceived dangers, but pose a real danger on the further prosperity of humankind in the generations to come. Thinking of climate change, energy crisis, epidemiology, food production, availability of clean water, etc., these and their potential hazards become urgent matter to pay much attention to.

We believe that collaboration is the condition for the advancement of science and for the establishment of peace between nations: CERN was created as a tool to promote peace between European nations after the Second World War and more recently SESAME followed the same ideal in the Middle East. Therefore, we shall always support and defend policies, which favour and strengthen collaboration.

It is important for us, as member of the Swiss Society, to show our commitment towards these scientific and ethical values as well to recall the crucial role of science for our Society. How? By joining in local March for Science, which will be organized on April 22nd in Geneva. Through this action, we shall show our solidarity with scientists all over the world, who will also march the same day to promote the same aspects of scientific life as us and to reaffirm the pivotal role of science for the development of a sustainable Earth for all of its inhabitants.

Minh Quang Tran, President, Hans Peter Beck, Vice President


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  • Die SPG-Mitteilungen Nr. 52 erscheinen im Juni.