The SPS remembers Samuel G. Steinemann


The Board of the SPS learnt with deep sadness the passing away of Professor Samuel G. Steinemann in his 93th year on 22.02.2016. Professor Steinemann was a solid state physicist, active in the Physics Department of the University of Lausanne and was President of our Society in the period 1987 to 1989.

As a student, I had Professor S. Steinemann as my teacher for one semester of crystallography. Albeit I did not pursue my career in solid state physics, the subject of crystallography and the relationship between crystal symmetry and their physical properties fascinated me during my student years. I personnally shall always keep the memory of his class and the in depth way he conducted his exam with us.

Our sympathy goes to his family and our Society will always remember his dedication for the Society activites.

M. Q. Tran, President of the SPS


[Released: June 2016]