Public Lectures

This year's program will offer two public highlights (no registration needed):

Mildred Dresselhaus, MIT, Using Nanostructures toward Achieving Energy Sustainability
(Tuesday, 03.09. 19:15h, HS 1)

Serge Haroche, Collége de France (Nobel Laureate 2012), Manipulation of single quantum systems
(Wednesday, 04.09. 20:00h, HS 1)



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Schedule Tuesday 03.09.2013 (updated on 30.08.2013)

Schedule Wednesday 04.09.2013 (updated on 28.08.2013)

Schedule Thursday 05.09.2013 (updated on 29.08.2013)

Schedule Friday 06.09.2013 (updated on 09.08.2013)

Overview Postersession 04. - 06.09.2013 (updated on 07.08.2013)

Program Overview

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Energy Day

Special: Thermoelectrics (updated on 14.08.2013)

Special: Photovoltaics (updated on 30.08.2013)

Plenary Session (updated on 28.08.2013)

Careers for Physicists

Physik und Schule (updated on 24.08.2013)

KOND (updated on 14.08.2013)

Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films (updated on 28.08.2013)

Nuclear-, Particle and Astroparticle Physics

Theoretical Physics

Applied, Plasma and Geophysics (updated on 28.08.2013)

Atomic Physics und Quantum Optics

Infrared optical Nanostructures

Biophysics und Medical Physics (updated on 30.08.2013)

Astronomy und Astrophysics

History of Physics (updated on 28.08.2013)

Best Poster Award

The three best posters at this year's conference will each be recognized with an award. These awards are donated by Europhysics Letters and are doted with EUR 200.-.

Only posters, which are presented on all three days and whose authors are present, will be evaluated.

Award Ceremony and General Assembly

The joint award ceremony will take place on September 4, 2013 at 11:30. As every year outstanding scientific works will be honoured with the SPS awards. During the confernce the winners will in addition each give a talk on the awarded work (details see program).

The general assemblies of SPS, ÖPG and ÖGAA are scheduled for September 5, 2013.