10. Biophysics, Soft Matter and Medical Physics

Section foundation: 2014

Chair: Prof. Christof Aegerter, Dr. Christof Fattinger


The aim of this section is to give the possibility to the large community of physicists operating in this very interdisciplinary topic to be represented in the SPS and also give the chance within the scientific frame of the Swiss Physical Society meetings to present their research. The section will focus on topics from Soft Matter to Biological and Medical Physics and intends to bridge the fundamental physics starting at the level of atoms and molecules up to the complexity of living matter and living organisms. This very much disparate community has wide-ranging interests and also encompasses many different techniques very much familiar to physicists. Moreover, experimental as well as theoretical activities are perfectly equilibrated and their interplay is fundamental for the advancement of the different fields of research. This section should attract young researchers and encourage them to pursue an interdisciplinary research.