Symposium: Richard Feyman's centennial celebration

30 November 2018, 10:00h - 17:00h, University of Geneva - Sciences II - 30, quai Ernest Ansermet, Auditorium A100

The SPS celebrates Richard P. Feynman in his 100th year of birth twice, first by the excellent article of Gian Michele Graf and second, by organizing a joint symposium together with the History and Philosophy of Science Unit of the University of Geneva. The celebration, gathering physicists and historians of modern physics, intends to review Richard Feynman’s contributions to 20th century physics in a morning session and aims at presenting some examples of contemporary research that has followed upon his pioneering work in the afternoon session of the celebration event.

Five international well-known experts will remind us on Feynman or will tell us where Feynman’s legacy is an ongoing fertilizer in pioneering efforts of contemporary fundamental physics research:

  • Olivier Darrigol (CNRS and Paris-Diderot University): The magic of Feynman's QED
  • Charalampos (Babis) Anastasiou (ETH Zürich): Feynman diagrams and modern collider physics
  • Gabriele Veneziano (CERN and Collège de France): Feynman’s strong interaction side
  • Uwe-Jens Wiese (Bern University): Quantum Simulation: from Feynman's Vision to Today's Reality and into the Future
  • Adrian Wüthrich (TU Berlin): Putting Feynman’s style in context

The SPS welcomes everybody to learn more about this extraordinary scientist, whose many outstanding physical visions are expected to be realized in the near future like Quantum Computing. Feynman supposed already 1982 that it could simulate quantum mechanical systems with much greater accuracy than classical computers.