Protokoll der Generalversammlung vom 13.02.2006 in Lausanne

25 persons are present, including the committee. The session begins at 17:35h.


1. Minutes
2. Elections
3. Financial report 2005
4. Meeting 2007

1. Minutes

The minutes of last year’s meeting in Bern, July 14 2005, are approved.

2. Elections

The president thanks all members of the committee for their active participation.

The following five members of the committee can continue without vote because they were nominated last year:
Prof. Jérôme Faist, Dr. Klaus Kirch, Prof. Frédéric Mila, Dr. Laurent Sansonnens and Dr. Jacques Schmitt

Dr. Tibor Gyalog was our treasurer. He is gratefully acknowledged for his huge investment in preparing the meeting in Bern for the World Year of Physics. All things considered by the committee lead us to nominating him as new president.
Prof. A. Züttel has been our vice-president for two years. He told the committee that, considering how his professional life has turned out, he was prepared to give up the presumed presidency associated with his position thus far.
Dr. Christophe Rossel is proposed as vice-president. He received his diploma from the University of Neuchâtel and his PhD from Geneva. It has been seventeen years that he works for IBM at Rüschlikon, so he knows both parts of Switzerland.
Dr. Pierangelo Gröning is nominated as treasurer. T. Gyalog presents Dr. Gröning, a researcher at EMPA Thun, working in collaboration with Uni Fribourg.
Dr. Bernhard Braunecker has to be re-elected as secretary. In summary, the following persons are presented to the assembly for vote:

President: Tibor Gyalog
Vice-President: Christophe Rossel
Treasurer: Pierangelo Gröning
Secretary: Bernhard Braunecker

The assembly accepts the proposition of the committee.

The SPS has also the following delegates to various institutions who accept to continue their mission:
H. Beck: SCNAT delegate
T. Jung: IUPAP and SATW delegate
W. Amrein: AHP delegate
T. Gyalog: EPS delegate

The assembly accepts the delegates.

3. Financial report 2005

As the general assembly took place so early in the year, the accounting could not be approved. Dr. Antoine Pochelon, "réviseurs des comptes" with Dr. Philippe Aebi, will go to Basel as soon as possible to analyse the accounting with the treasurer and F. Erkadoo. Dr. Tibor Gyalog comments on the presented account. Last year, the expenses were high because of the World Year of Physics, but provision for these high expenses had been made in previous years.

4. Meeting 2007, miscellaneous

The president thanks Prof. P. Martinoli for his presidency of the prize committee. Prof. Martinoli will not be able to carry on a second year because of other important commitments. He thanks Dr. T. Gyalog for his assistance in organizing the World Year of Physics. He thanks S. Albietz, secretary in Basel who does a great deal for every meeting so that it can take place smoothly. There is now a number of people in Basel that insure the daily tasks necessary for the proper running of the society. Finally, the president thanks Mrs. C. de Titta who was his personal secretary and helped him to prepare the meetings.

As the president is about to step down after 7 years of involvement with SPS, he wishes two things for the society:

  • that the annual meeting is recognized more and more as the forum where physicists of all fields in Switzerland get together, network and discuss policy matters,
  • that the SPS is recognized by deans, department heads and rectors as the organ by which politicians may connect with the base and find representative partners for policy and funding decisions.

    The SPS annual meeting 2007 will take place at Uni Zürich on February 20th and 21th.

    The session closes at 18:15h.

    Claude de Titta