Physics Anecdotes and Personal Recollections

With this series we would like to present interesting events in a loose consequence from the physics history. Since physics exchanges impulses traditionally with the adjacent fields of the philosophy and the techniques, we also will consider events from this interaction. We think of the work of great scientists, their contacts to interesting contemporaries but also their influence on the current affairs.

If you would like to contribute as an author to e.g. report about Aristotle, Kepler, Newton, Pauli etc. and their life, or to write an article about a current relevant event, we would be very pleased to take it into consideration for the series. Therefore before you submit your contribution to 'Wikipedia', please contact somebody from the SPS executive board.

In order to also provide an appropriate forum for the memories of contemporary witnesses of significant events in physics, the series "Physics Anecdotes" has been renamed to "Physics Anecdotes and Personal Recollections" from October 2020 (article no. 22) onwards.