In this area you will find information on current and earlier events. The main topics are, of course, the annual meetings of the SPS, but also other conferences which have strong relations or are organised in conjunction with the SPS.

Below this page also lists short announcements for conferences of other institutions forwarded to us. Please contact the SPS Secretariat if you want your announcement to be placed here.


Annual Meeting 2024

The next annual meeting of the SPS will take place at the ETH Zürich in the week of 9 - 13 September 2024. The Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) as well as possible further partners will contribute again.

Save the date !

It is your conference, so we welcome contributions from all topical fields. In addition to the regular conference it is planned to include again a historical symposium, with the topic: "Louis de Broglie: 100 years of wave / particle dualism". The satellite event Women in Physics Career Symposium will have its third edition.

The detailed announcement will be published in early 2024.


Other conferences and events