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Annual Meeting 2022

The next annual meeting will take place at the University of Fribourg, 27 - 30 June 2022. The well established tradition of organising the conference in collaboration with CHIPP and possible further partners will be continued. An interesting and rich program is thus guaranteed.

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It is your conference, so we welcome contributions from all topical fields.

The detailed announcement will appear in January 2022.


  • The SPS Communications No. 66 will appear presumably in January 2022.

100 Years Nobel Prize for Albert Einstein

9 April 2022, 10:15h – 17:15h

Universität Bern, Gebäude UniS, Lecture hall S003, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3012 Bern

In November 1922, it was announced that Einstein receives the Nobel Prize of 1921. The prize was awarded to him “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.” So interestingly, there is no mentioning of both the Special and the General Theory of Relativity; rather the main reason given for honoring Einstein is his 1905 explanation of the photoelectric effect. It took more than 10 years to experimentally confirm Einstein’s bold hypotheses. Einstein was not able to come to the award ceremony in Stockholm and only received the prize in July 1923 at a meeting of the Nordic Assembly of Naturalists in Gothenburg.

The symposium will start with providing the historical background and then move to modern developments of photonics.

Abstracts of the talks