Annual Meeting of the SPS 2008

Please find below the program of the annual meeting 2008 in Genève. The pdf-files contain both the overviews and every session. Please read also in any case the general information, many questions you might still have are already answered therein !

General Information about the meeting (This file is in German and French.)
Map of the building and directions
Schedule Wednesday March 26, 2008(Latest change: 20.03.2008)
Schedule Thursday March 27, 2008(Latest change: 04.03.2008)
Overview Poster(Latest change: 20.03.2008)
Plenary Session
ANDO(Latest change: 20.03.2008)
TASK(Latest change: 17.03.2008)
Theoretical Physics(Latest change: 11.03.2008)
Plasmaphysics(Latest change: 20.03.2008)
Physics of Atoms and Lasers
NCCR MaNEP(Latest change: 22.02.2008)
NCCR NANO(Latest change: 20.03.2008)
NCCR Quantum Photonics