A note from the President

The Annual Meeting 2014 of our Society was held in Fribourg and it was a success both on a scientific and organisational point of view. On behalf of the SPS Board and on my own name, I would like to express our thanks and congratulations to all who have contributed to its success. An excellent summary of our annual meeting in Fribourg can be found in the SPS Communications no. 44.

During the General Assembly (GA) of our Society in Fribourg, the President Andreas Schopper presented a comprehensive report of all our activities during 2013 before moving to the various points in the agenda (see SPS Communications no 43). The GA, after listening to the proposals and the corresponding arguments, unanimously approved them. In particular, I am glad to recall that we have now a new Section on Biophysics led by Prof. G. Dietler (EPFL), who was also elected by the GA as Section Head. Other important points are the acceptance of the Accounts 2013 and the nomination of Professor Emeritus F. Troyon as Honorary Member of the Swiss Physical Society. As his former co-worker and his successor as Director General of the Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas, I was particularly moved to receive on his behalf the certificate. The GA also thanked Andreas Schopper for all what he did for our Society during his years of tenure as President. It was also for me another moving moment when the GA elected me as the new president, which is a true manifestation of trust and confidence. I can only pledge myself to do the utmost for the benefit of the Swiss Physics on the international and national scenes and the growth of our Society. Succeeding to the past presidents like Andreas Schopper and Christophe Rossel (at that time President Elect of the European Physical Society and, presently, President of the EPS) will not be an easy task, since they have put the standards for our Society extremely high. Fortunately I have the privilege to have around me an extremely competent and committed Board.

The societal challenges such as energies are calling for the involvement of all of us physicists. International collaboration with EPS and with international Sister Societies should also be one of the axis of our future attention. In this aspect, let us note that our Society is a Gold Sponsor of the International Year of Light. We are also strengthening our collaboration with the Austrian Physical Society ÖPG (organisation of the joint annual meeting SPS-ÖPG 2015 at TU Vienna) and with the French Physical Society SFP (through participation in organisation of events sponsored by the SFP). In the past, our executive committee and our past president have always put a high priority to the educational aspects for the young generation. This action has continued in 2014 through various initiatives aimed either to physics teachers or directly to young pupils.

In a nutshell there are some highlights of 2014. I shall have the honour to present to the GA a more detailed report at our General Assembly in Vienna on Wednesday 2nd September 2015. I hope to see many of you there. In the meantime, I wish you a relaxing summer.

Minh Quang Tran, SPS President, July 2015