7. Education and Promotion of Physics

Section foundation: 2009

Chair: Prof. Andreas Müller, Dr. Gernot Scheerer


Our goal is to present the fascination of physics to a broad public. In Switzerland, many tools are already available. We aim at promoting these tools and helping our members - be it researchers, teachers, industries or students - to find the right means to share their passion or learn more about a specific subject.

Below we promote and report a list of actions and events taking place throughout Switzerland. The events are also advertised using our Newsletter. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to have more information or if we have missed an important outreach and education activity.

Name, LocationAims forWhat
For school classes
S’Cool LAB - CERN, Genevahigh-school students (aged 16-19) and their teachershands-on and minds-on particle physics experiments
PhysiScope - University of Genevaclasses (starting from age 6) and their teachershands-on and shows on astronomy, colors, electricity, mechanics, pressure, rotations, states of matter, or scientific method.
Article PhysiScope (from SPG Mitteilungen Nr. 49)
School Lab iLab - PSI Villigenclasses (age 10 to 20)hands-on wave, light and vacuum phenomena
Science Lab - Universität Zürichclasses, students and teacherssustainability and natural science
Stellarium Gornergrat, Zermattclasses (starting age 8)hands-on astronomy
CERN Beamlineschools, visits, masterclasses and more
For high-school students
Athéna - University of Geneva3rd or 4th year high-school studentsanticipate your studies in physics or math and follow in advance a class at the University for one semester.
International Masterclasses15-19 year oldhands-on particle physics
For school teachers
Les cours pour les enseignantes, etc.stage d’un semestre à l’EPFL pour améliorer la transition vers l’EPFL en coopérant avec les enseignants
For the broad public
SimplySciencekids, school teachers and parents
Guided tours at CERN