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SPS Annual Meeting 2020 cancelled

Due to the Corona-crisis the Annual Meeting has unfortunately been cancelled.


Below the statement of the SPS President.

The coronavirus continues to cause profound social, cultural and economic effects. Although positive signals are arriving of a successful slowing down of the pandemic in some of the affected countries and some of the strictest measures are being lifted, the outbreak is not stopped. Extra caution in form of social distancing, hygiene and carrying of masks will stay with us for the coming months and likely until a remedy in form of a vaccine will be broadly available. Before that, any event where people meet will pose a considerable risk that needs to be considered independently of regulations imposed. This has consequences and has led to a clear decision:

The SPS Annual Meeting 2020 has been cancelled.

I know that many of you have been looking forward to this event. You may have provided abstracts for a talk or a poster, you wanted to learn about advances in physics in your own and in neighbouring fields of your specialization. You were interested in the high-quality plenary talks and evening lecture, you wanted to meet people, strengthen your network, or find out about new job opportunities in academia and industry. Most of this won't happen this year, and cannot be replaced to full satisfaction via a digital solution.

The SPS Executive Board is currently looking into alternate arrangements with which we can cover some of our tasks, such as awarding the SPS prizes or the election of new members of its board. For the submitted abstracts, a dedicated form of publication with SPS is being investigated. You will be informed about all of it.

I would like to thank all who have helped preparing the annual meeting 2020, and especially our colleagues from the Physics Department in Fribourg, who prepared wonderful arrangements! We will definitely come back to Fribourg for the annual meeting, when there will be better times.

Stay well, stay safe, and, for now, stay at home!

Hans Peter Beck, SPS President



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